Try the new Spicy Cajun Shrimp with sundried pesto cream sauce, topped with cilantro, and served over cavatapi noodles for $10.95!

A menu designed specifically for those who want all the great flavor of our special recipes without the fat or gluten. Your heart will be happy and your mouth will be satisfied. Be-delicious, because you deserve it.

The Ideal Protein menu was created in cooperation with doctors, nurses and dietitians from Valley Medical Center following the protocol of the Ideal Protein diet program.

Ideal seasoning is made of one or all of the following: Sea Salt, Black Pepper and assorted herbs. Ideal Salad Dressing is made with fresh lemon and olive oil. All grilling for Ideal Protein menu items is done in olive oil. All chicken breasts are skinless. Unless noted, all items are gluten free.

Southway Pizzeria and Deli is offering gluten-free pasta and pizza crust (10.5″ size only).

The pizza crust is a consistent and safe gluten-free alternative to traditional pizza crust and it’s great-tasting. It’s made from rice flour, potato and corn starch, eggs, oil and water.

Our gluten-free pasta is made from a corn and rice flour blend.

Because these products are prepared in the same area as traditional pasta and pizza crust, it is not recommended for those with celiac disease.

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